Film Studies

Prospective Students

Visiting Wesleyan

Prospective students who are organizing a visit to Wesleyan and are interested in sitting in on a Film Studies class should ideally plan to be on campus between Monday and Thursday, as these are the days during which most Film Studies classes are held. We encourage prospective students to visit the introductory or intermediate level Film Studies classes, which best provide an overview of the subject and illustrate the approach of the department. (Enrollment is much larger in these classes than in upper-level seminars, however.)

If you plan on visiting a class with the Film Studies Department, please call the Film Studies Administrative Assistant, Logan Ludwig, at (860)685-2220 to clear your visit with the professors due to various special film projects, exams, etc. If cleared, please arrive before the class begins and introduce yourself to the instructor. Film Studies classes can be quite long, as they typically include both a film screening and a lecture or discussion; if you can not stay for the entire class, please try to arrive at the beginning of class so as not to interrupt proceedings halfway through.

The Fall 2017 Semester class available to prospective students for visitation is:

Film 307: The Language of Hollywood: Styles, Storytelling, and Technology
Tu/Th 8:50-11:50AM in the Center for Film Studies Classroom 100

Tours of the Center for Film Studies take place every Friday at 11:45 am during the academic year. (From roughly September to early December and then from late January through early May.) The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.

Tours for Fall 2017 will begin on September 15th.

There are no individual tours during the Summer. You are welcome to walk through the Center for Film Studies if you visit campus, but there will not be faculty or staff available to escort you. There is a comprehensive virtual tour which can be found here.

Please consult this web site, or contact the Film Studies administrative assistant, Logan Ludwig, if you have further questions about the department, the Film Studies major, or the Film Studies Minor. (e-mail:, phone: 860-685-2220)