Frequently Asked Questions

How will the stipend affect my financial aid? 
The stipend does not affect your financial aid.
What if I am not sure I want a PH.D?   
The mission of the McNair Program is to diversify faculty in U.S. institutions of higher education by reducing the barriers to the Ph.D. for underrepresented individuals in graduate education. The McNair program recognizes that first-generation/low-income undergraduates and undergraduates of color have a number of career possibilities to consider outside of academia. However, the mission of the program is to increase the number of Ph.D.s, not professional degrees. So, unfortunately, we don't accept students who only want a J.D., M.D., etc.

Does the McNair Scholars Program expects its students to pursue a PhD immediately after obtaining the B.A.?
Yes. The program expects Fellows to apply to both Masters and PhD programs during their senior year as an undergraduate student. McNair realizes that all Fellows may not enroll in a graduate program immediately following their completion of their bachelor's degree, but McNair expects all its' Fellows to attain a doctoral degree within ten (10) years of attaining their bachelor’s degree.
When should I start preparing to apply to graduate school?
At least one year in advance. We encourage all students in our program to begin preparing for the graduate school application process during their junior year.

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