Spring 2008

Thursday, January 31st
"Mark Twain and Social Theory"
Joel Pfister
Professor of American Studies and English
Thursday, February 14th
"Not Dead Yet: The Bush Doctrine and Public Opinion"
Doug Foyle
Professor of Government
Thursday, February 28th
"Perspectives on Photography, Evidence and Historical Interpretation"
Jennifer Tucker
Professor of History, SiSP, FGSS
Thursday, March  27th
Presentation of the preliminary plans for the Allbritten Center renovations and programs
Don Moon
Dean of the Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Programs
John E. Andrus Professor of Government

Thursday, April 10th
“Prostituting the Mutiny:  Sex-slavery and Crime in the Making of 1857"
Vijay Pinch
Professor of History
Thursday, April 24th
"Real Effects of Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Japan"
Masami Imai
Luce Assistant Professor of East Asian Economics,
Assistant Professor of Economics,
and Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies
Thursday, May 8th

Fall 2007

Thursday, September 27th
"A note from a 'Note on Being and Time': Jean Beaufret, Jacques Derrida and Heidegger's Nazi legacyin post World War Two France"
Ethan Kleinberg
Professor of History and College of Letters
Thursday, October 11th
"Marked Men and Women: Katrina Evacuees and Houston,  One Year Later"
Melanye Price
Professor of Government
Thursday, October 25th
"Social Mobility in the US"
Daniel Long
Professor of Sociology
Thursday, November 8th
"Do Psychologists have Psychology?"
Jill Morawski
Professor of Psychology, SiSP, FGSS and
Director of the Center for the Humanities
Thursday, November 29th
"Philosophy as Cultural Politics:  The Example of Richard Rorty"
Michael Roth
Thursday, December 13th
"The Elites of Tuscany in the Early Modern Period"
Judith Brown
Professor of History

Spring 2007

Thursday, March 8th
" A Discussion of the Davenport Building and Programs"
J. Donald Moon
Professor of Government
Dean of the Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Programs

Thursday, February 8th
"The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change - Another Source of Climate Risk?"
Gary Yohe
Professor of Economics

Fall 2006

Thursday, September 28th
"Beyond Incompetence: Washington's War in Iraq"
Jonathan Cutler
Associate Professor of Sociology
Thursday, October 12th
"What are we looking for in our next President?  An open discussion of the presidential search. "
Alex Dupuy
Professor of Sociology
Member of the Presidential Search Committee
Thursday, November 9th
"The Deluge of 1936: Social Upheaval in Middletown   "
Ron Schatz
Professor of History
Thursday, December 14th
"Scholarly Communication in the Social Science"
Barbara Jones
University Librarian