Research Frontiers Seminar

Fall 2014

This course meets Fridays, 2.30 - 3.30 pm in Exley 309 with Dr. Francis Starr

Date Presenters Title Reading
Sept 5 WELCOME MEETING (Woodhead)
Sept 12 Francis Starr The Hard and Soft Life of Matter; or How to Model just about Anything
Sept 19 Dana Royer Climate sensitivity: the geologic past provides clues for the future Past and future CO2 blog post ; Kiehl 2011 Science
Sept 26 Don Oliver Understanding how proteins get across or integrate into membranes: the molecular zip code of the cell
Oct 3 Greg Voth The chaotic motion of particles in turbulent fluids
Oct 10 Petra Bonfert-Taylor Mathematics in medical imaging
Oct 17 No class
Oct 24 Psyche Loui Inferring structure and function of the human brain
Oct 31 Michael Weir & Danny Krizanc Protein discovery: a bridge between biology and computer science Amino termini of many yeast proteins map to downstream start sites.  J. Proteome Res. 2012, 11 5712
Nov 7 Brian Northrop Mechanochemistry: Forcing Polymers to Behave Differently
Nov 14 Bill Herbst Clues to the formation of the Earth from multiple sources TBD
Nov 21 Ruth Johnson Getting cells to the right place in developing tissues... and then keeping them there TBD
Dec 5