Quantitative Analysis Center


Summer 2007 Project List 

  • “Demographic differences between new smokers and non-smokers.” Shenelle N. Donovan. Sponsor: Lisa Dierker (psychology)

  • “Acculturation strategies and substance use among foreign born college students in the United States.” Azeb Gebre ’08. Sponsor: Lisa Dierker (psychology)

  • “Decision making in discrete number and continuous amount judgments.” Elise Herrig ’10. Sponsor: Hilary Barth (psychology)

  • “Do governments take people’s preferences into account?” Sergiu Laiu ’09. Sponsor: Cameron Shelton (economics)

  • “Welfare reform and wages in the retail sector.” Hajin “Angela” Lee ’09. Sponsor: Wendy Rayack (economics)

  • “The revision process for greenbook forecasts.” Howie Lempel ’08. Sponsor: Michael S. Hanson (economics)

  • “Predictors of the onset of nicotine dependence in ddolescents.” Michael Raymond ’08. Sponsor: Lisa Dierker (psychology)

  • “Does monetary policy help least those who need it most?” Seitaro Takarabe ’09. Sponsor Michael Hanson (economics)

  • “Was your service job as good as your father’s? Developing a time varying occupational prestige index.” Aaron Truchil ’09. Sponsor: Daniel Long (sociology)

  • “Creating new Irish stock market indices, 1869-1929: data and computational issues.” Madalina Ursu ’09 Sponsor: Richard Grossman (economics)

  • “Diffusion of responsibility within organizational structures.” Max Wu ’08. Sponsors: Steven Stemler, & Cynthia Matthew (psychology)