Studying Russian at Wesleyan

Russian language and culture have been studied at Wesleyan for over fifty years. We regularly invite the foremost poets, writers and scholars from Russia and abroad to speak on a broad range of Russian and East European topics, in culture, politics, history, film, and more. All students are welcome in our courses on Russian literature, culture, and film in translation, in which all work is done in English. Consider one of these courses as an alternative to an English course. We also offer First-Year Seminars (small discussion courses with lots of writing). Start Russian in your first year and you can be ready to spend a semester in Russia the following year on one of our approved programs. Live (or hang out) at the Russian House, site of lectures, Russian co-op dinners, vocal concerts, and art exhibits. The REES major includes two tracks: Language, literature, and culture, and Social sciences. Our majors have gone on to careers in academia, business, law, the foreign service, and nongovernmental organizations.