Advising at Wesleyan

Advising Network for Students

Advising Resources for Faculty

The relationship between student and academic advisor is crucial to success at Wesleyan.  Advisors help students navigate among the many and varied opportunities available at Wesleyan, and the student-advisor team works together over the four years to build an individualized curriculum.

Liberal Arts Advising 

During the first two years at Wesleyan, students work with a faculty advisor who is focused primarily on liberal arts advising. These years at Wesleyan are the time to explore the breadth of the curriculum and experience new areas of thought. This advisor helps the student plan an academic path that will fulfill the pre-major requirements of areas the student is considering as a major, while also exploring new disciplines the student may not have yet considered.

Major Advising

During the junior and senior years, the student works with a faculty advisor who is an expert within the student's declared area of concentration.  This advisor guides the student through the major requirements for graduation, and helps the student plan the next steps after Wesleyan.