Academic Peer Advisors

Academic Peer advisors are available to meet individually with students to address specific questions about the course registration process and academic resources, as well as assist in the development of time management, study skills, and exam preparation strategies, and provide academic resources and referrals as needed.

Peer advisors are available during New Student Orientation to help students prepare for individual meetings with faculty advisors, and maintain a regular presence in the residence halls during the academic year. To schedule a meeting, email all of us at or browse through our bios below.

  • Andi Wiley - APA Grad Consultant

    Graduate Student: Psychology

    Liaison Groups: Graduate Students, Student Athletes

    Hi! My name is Andi Wiley and I am from Alameda, CA. I am a current BA/MA psychology graduate student here at Wesleyan; class of 2022, I double majored in Economics and Psychology with a Writing Certificate in my undergraduate program. Initially, I was not sure what I wanted to study, so I explored many subjects taking full advantage of the wide variety of classes that Wes has to offer. During my four under-grad years, I volunteered for the Wesleyan Center for Prison Education, WesBuds (a student group partnership with the Middlesex Transition Academy), worked in a Crime and Media psychology lab and as a TA for two courses. Now I am extending my undergraduate interest in psychology, concentrating in education, for my masters research on early numeracy in preschool children specifically looking at disproportionate rates across special needs, SES, race, sex/gender, and ELL demographics. I will also be co-managing the Cognitive Development Lab working on Professor Shusterman's Math Games Project as supplementary to my graduate thesis. Beyond academics, I am on the Wesleyan Women’s Soccer team, which has challenged my time management and organizational skills. Further, as a continuing member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, I understand the importance in balancing busy athletic schedules and rigorous academics. I am more than happy to answer questions, concerns, or to simply get to know you, so please reach out to me anytime!
  • Cyann Byfield - Lead APA

    2023: Sociology, African American Studies

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2023, Equity & Inclusion, Peer Programs & Support Offices

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    Hello everyone! My name is Cyann Byfield and I am a rising senior here at Wesleyan. My pronouns are she/her and I'm from Brooklyn, New York, and went to high school in the Financial District of Manhattan. I am a Sociology major and an African American Studies minor but I also enjoy taking American Government courses as frequently as possible. Currently, I hold another on-campus job at Freeman Athletic Center am a part of “Kalalu” the Caribbean dance team, which of one of the many dance teams on campus here at Wesleyan, I am a member of the Women of Color collective, the Caribbean Student Association, the Wesleyan Investment Group (WIG), and pre-pandemic I was an overnight host for prospective students. I am also a Prep for Prep alum which is a rigorous academic program for students of color in New York City; therefore, I have years of experience in effectively completing intense academic work. One of my favorite things about Wesleyan is our campus, there’s nothing I love more than going for walks with my friends or just relaxing on Foss Hill. Other than being a full-time student at Wes, I love to do hair and makeup and I also love to cook and bake. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have questions or just need to chat!
  • Greta Alexandra-Parker

    2025: Film & Religion

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2024, International Students & Study Abroad, Transfer Students

    Hi everyone! My name is Greta Alexandra-Parker, and I am from Burlington, Vermont. I am a member of the Women's Basketball team, involved in the dance community at Wesleyan, and have worked on a senior film thesis this past year. I hope to become more involved with film and photography on campus during my sophomore year. Figuring out the best schedule for you, particularly as a student-athlete is really important, and after balancing academics and athletics my first-year I am excited to help guide you through the transition from high school to college. During my spare time, I love to dance, lift, and eat good food with my friends. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or just want to talk about anything at all!

  • Sarah Bernstein

    2024: Government, Economics, CEAS

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2026, Peer Programs & Support Offices, Student Athletes

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    Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Bernstein and I am a rising junior. I am from Cedar Knolls, NJ and I am a Government and Economics double major with a minor in the College of East Asian Studies (CEAS). I have taken all the core Econ classes, many introduction and upper-level Gov classes, and a few CEAS classes, and I would love to chat about any of them. I know the lack of structure can be daunting at first, but I believe that the open curriculum is an integral part of the Wesleyan experience and utilizing it to its fullest is how you get the most of your time here. As a former member of the Swimming and Diving team, I understand the unique challenges student-athletes face and welcome any that are struggling with balancing academics and athletics to reach out. In addition to Peer Advising, I also work as a Lifeguard and work as a Human Coder on the Wesleyan Media Project. When I’m not in class, I love to work out, go on walks or have movie nights with friends, and explore Middletown or other cities nearby. I am more than happy to answer any questions about Wes, classes, social life, or anything else, so please feel free to reach out to me any time.

  • Adam Cyzner

    2025: Film, Psychology

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2026, Peer Programs & Support Offices

    Hi everybody! My name is Adam Cyzner (he/him), and I am a rising sophomore at Wesleyan. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I am currently planning to double major in film and psychology with possibly a dance minor. I highly value Wesleyan’s open curriculum and love exploring subjects outside of my majors, so I have also enjoyed taking classes in astronomy, creative writing, and Spanish. Outside of advising and academics, I am a choreographer, dancer, and board member for Collective Motion, a dance group for all levels. I have danced since middle school in nearly all styles, but I never explored choreography until I arrived at Wes, and now I plan to take choreography classes with the dance department! I am also the managing editor for WesPhoto, the photography club on campus that creates a magazine with different themes every semester. I have also participated as a writer and actor with the Ensemble Theater Collective, a student-led theater group. Off campus, I am planning to work at the Corvisiero Literary Agency for the summer as a literary intern in both literature and film. I am also a certified Registered Behavior Technician, meaning I am trained in Applied Behavior Analysis, a best practice for teaching children with autism, developmental, and behavioral disorders functional life and academic skills. I love watching horror movies in the dark, especially It Follows and The Babadook, but my favorite movie of all time would have to be Everything Everywhere All at Once! On the television side, I enjoy queer shows such as Young Royals and Heartstopper as well as horror shows such as The Haunting of Hill House. I also enjoy traveling down the WesMaps rabbit hole to explore every course available to Wesleyan students and am well versed in navigating the website. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about registration or academic success at Wes!
  • Grace Devanny

    2023: NS&B, Psychology, Pre-Med

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2025, Student Athletes, Transfer Students

    Hi everyone! My name is Grace Devanny and I am a rising senior. I use she/her pronouns and I am from Concord, New Hampshire. I am a Neuroscience and Behavior and Psychology double major on the pre-med track. Although I am primarily a STEM student, I have had the opportunity to take amazing classes in other departments and would love to share my experiences in those classes with you all as well! Outside of Academic Peer Advisors, I am involved in various groups and organizations on campus. I am currently a member of both the Women’s soccer team and the track and field team and I am a team representative on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Outside of athletics, I am a Research Assistant for the Wesleyan Eye Movement and Reading lab where we are studying processes involved in word recognition and readings in college readers. I am also a current member of WesBuds, a group connecting Wesleyan students with students with developmental and intellectual disabilities at the Middlesex Transitional Academy. During my free time, you can usually find me snuggling up to watch a movie or sitting outside with my friends. I also love walking around our beautiful campus or exploring downtown Middletown for a bite to eat. I would love to help in any way possible, so don’t hesitate to say hello on campus or to send me an email with any questions, comments, or concerns! I'm looking forward to meeting you all this fall, and remember that we are all here to help!
  • Sarah Gbadebo

    2023: Psychology, African Studies

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2025, Equity & Inclusion, Transfer Students

    Email Sarah to schedule a meeting!

    Hello! My name is Sarah Gbadebo (Ba-dé-bō) and I am a rising senior here at Wesleyan. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but ethnically I am Nigerian. I attended one of the top boarding schools in the country for high school called the Hill School and graduated in 2019. I am a psychology major with a minor in African Studies, and I currently am a member of the FGLI (First Generation Low-Income) Board, the Women of Color Collective, and the African Student Association. I currently work as a senior interviewer in Admissions and previously worked as a resident advisor in the Butterfield dorms my sophomore and junior year where I managed the living conditions for incoming freshman and sophomores. I also currently work in a psychology lab on campus that studies advanced research in adolescent racial identity and resistance. I am also a member and previous employee of Prep 9 which is a non-profit academic program located in NYC. I enjoy studying psychology, relaxing, and a precise self-care routine. I truly believe in helping and assisting others so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Looking forward to meeting you all!

  • Aaron Leong

    2025: Economics, CEAS

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2026, Equity & Inclusion, International Students & Study Abroad, Posse Scholars

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    Hello! My name is Aaron, and I’m a rising sophomore from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m a prospective Economics major and College of East Asian studies minor, but I’m also interested in data science as well. Outside of academic peer advising, you can find me working as a career advisor at the Gordon Career Center, peer tutoring as part of the Dean’s Peer Tutoring Program, or serving as a course assistant for the economics department. Wesleyan’s academic offerings are incredibly diverse, and I took a wide variety of classes during my freshman year, from political theory to Japanese. Outside of classes, I love traveling around the US, reading books about Malaysian history, watching science fiction and anime, and hanging out with my friends. As an international first-generation student, I understand how challenging it can be to adapt to the academic and social culture here at Wesleyan, so feel free to reach out to me if you would like to explore the resources available to facilitate that transition, or even if you just need someone to talk to 😊 I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all this fall!

  • Sophie Ross

    2023: Biology, Economics, Chemistry

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2024, Equity & Inclusion, Peer Programs & Support Offices

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    Hi! My name is Sophie Ross (she/her) and I’m a rising senior from Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a Biology and Economics double-major and a Chemistry minor. I’ve taken almost all of the pre-med requirements so feel free to reach out with any questions about that! On campus I’m a member of WesRugby and I’m involved with One For The World, which aims to get students to pledge to donate one percent of their post-graduate salary to a portfolio of effective charities. I’m a Peer Tutor through the Dean’s Tutoring Program for biology, chemistry, and calculus. In the past I’ve also volunteered with The Foster Connection and Wesleyan Science Outreach. This summer I’m doing chemogenomic research, where I’ll be trying to identify new modes of action through which different chemicals affect bacteria. In my free time I enjoy swimming, cooking, and going on day hikes. If any of this sounds relevant and you have any questions feel free to reach out to me!
  • Maya Verghese

    2023: Psychology, Government, Education Studies

    Liaison Groups: Class of 2025, Peer Programs & Support Offices, Posse Scholars

    Hi! My name is Maya Verghese, and I'm from Hamden, CT. I am a rising senior majoring in Psychology and Government with a minor in Education Studies. I spend most of my free time volunteering with the Wesleyan Doula Project, co-leading the Student Health Advisory Committee, working for ResLife, and helping with psychological research projects on- and off-campus. I have a deep love for the intersection between clinical psychology, public health, and international politics—finding joy in the connections between different fields!

    My path through Wesleyan has not always been clear. I’ve taken everything from Planetary Geology to Dance History, served on the WSA for a semester, worked for Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) in New Haven, interned for a lab developing apps for people struggling with their mental health, and even worked on finances for the Wesleyan Argus for a few years. Although I ultimately hope to work in clinical psychology after graduation, I have learned so much from these experiences! I would be happy to discuss finding your passion and jobs at Wes that help you develop these interests (or talk through anything else weighing on your mind). I would love to share resources and tips for finding a diverse range of jobs and research positions. With all of these experiences, I also know the importance of managing your time effectively and evening out your workload. So definitely reach out if you need any help organizing yourself and finding the right balance!

    As a peer advisor, I am here to help you navigate campus resources, talk through problems, and find solutions! I’m always here to listen and make sure that you never feel overwhelmed or lost throughout your time at Wes. You have people looking out for you! Never hesitate to reach out to me; looking forward to meeting you!!