Contact Student Academic Resources (SAR)


Professional Staff

Office hours are held via Zoom when classes are in session

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    Laura Patey, Dean for Academic Advancement

    North College, Room 218
    (phone) 860-685-5581; (fax) 860-685-4480

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    Crystal Rose Hill-Farrell, Director of Student Academic Resources

    North College, Room 024
    (phone) 860-685-2332; (fax) 860-685-4480

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    Khai Tran, Academic Support Coordinator

    North College, Room 023
    (phone) 860-685-2780; (fax) 860-685-4480

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    Sara Eismont, Presidential Fellow in Student Academic Resources

    North College, Room 021
    860-685-2781 (phone)
    860-685-4480 (fax)

Peer Support

SAR works with students to support other students in their academic pursuits.

The office strives to share information with the campus community, in order to increase awareness and use of appropriate services, with the goal of facilitating academic achievement for all students. The Peer Support Programs are a crucial support through SAR, in order to enhance access to academic resources for students.

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    Academic Peer Advisors

    Academic Peer Advisors are returning students who provide a well-informed and confidential support to students regarding matters related to the course registration process, student systems (such as WesPortal and Moodle), metacognitive learning strategies, and academic skills (such as time management and exam preparation).
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    Peer Technology Specialists

    The Peer Technology Specialists provide workshops, consultations, and training on various digital tools and technologies related to education and productivity. Students can contact a Peer Technology Specialist to ask questions and receive assistance with exploring programs and learning how to use them.
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    Accessibility Liaisons

    The Accessibility Liaisons are a confidential peer resource available to answer questions on how to access the services offered by Accessibility Services. Students who are curious about the services provided through Accessibly Services, can contact an Accessibility Liaison to ask questions or request a meeting, and meeting with a liaison does not require a student to disclose further to the office.
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    Peer Tutors

    Peer tutors provide supplementary course-content instruction for students in small groups of two or three students with a tutor. Peer tutoring is provided free of charge; students can receive up to two hours of tutoring each week per course for which they are matched with a tutoring group.
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    NSO Peer Advisors

    New Student Orientation (NSO) Peer Advisors are returning students who work in tandem with the Academic Peer Advisors during NSO to assist incoming students with schedule planning and preparation for faculty advisor meetings, and provide support for other activities, in order to enrich the NSO experience for students.