How to Request a Peer Tutor

Before requesting a tutor, the first person you should see if you're having difficulties in a course is your course instructor. Additionally, TA sessions are linked with many courses and serve as a valuable opportunity for students to have their questions answered. In order to identify the most appropriate support for a student, instructors are often notified when a student submits a request for a tutor in one of their courses in order to assist in matching the student with the most appropriate tutoring resource.

Peer tutoring, which focuses on course content, should be used to supplement other means of support such as faculty office hours, TA sessions, and available drop-in tutoring programs. Students needing general support with studying, organization, or test taking, can meet with Student Academic Resources, or request to meet with a peer advisor. Students needing only occasional support are encouraged to work with their faculty or TA directly and access a drop-in tutoring program if one is available for their course.

Requesting a peer tutor allows students to be matched with other Wesleyan students currently taking the same course, and a Peer Tutor (another Wesleyan student) who has already taken, and excelled in, the specific course for which they requested tutoring. If classmates would like to form their own tutoring group, each student should submit a tutor request form and indicate all members of their group. The group will then be matched with a tutor. A specific tutor can also be requested; while we do our best to meet specific requests, we cannot guarantee the tutor will be available. Specific matches will depend on the availability of tutors.

For more information, read the Frequently Asked Questions About Requesting A Peer Tutor.

Do not wait until the last minute to seek help on an upcoming test or assignment. While tutoring matches are made as quickly as possible beginning after drop/add, matching is contingent on the program having an available tutor for the course and recruitment may be needed for your request.

Steps for Requesting a Peer Tutor

  1. Look into other resources first!
    • Meet with your faculty through their office hours for assistance with any course related material
    • If there is a TA for your course, contact and seek help from them as well
    • If there is a drop-in tutoring resource available for your course, try that too!
  2. Discuss your request for a tutor with your course instructor in order to clarify which specific areas you need help with, and how a tutor can be most helpful
  3. Complete the Tutor Request Form
  4. Wait for a match email with information your tutoring match

Additional Wesleyan Resources

  • Drop-In Tutoring
    • Check to see when your faculty member and/or TAs hold office hours
    • Math Workshop provides drop-in tutoring to answer questions about mathematics
    • STEM Zone is a space where students currently taking introductory science courses can receive help from course teaching assistants, course instructors, peer advisors, peer tutors, and fellow students.
    • Quantitative Analysis Center provides drop-in statistical computing tutoring to assist with data management and analysis using various programs
    • Scientific Computing and Informatics Center provides drop-in support related to programming (Python, Java, etc.), Matlab, Mathematica, SQL and the computing cluster
  • Additional Resources to support your courses
    • Writing Workshop provides writing mentors and tutors who work individually with students to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of a paper, or review a professor's comments on completed work.
    • Academic Peer Advisors work individually with students to provide peer advice regarding topics such as time management, organization, study strategies, and many other academic skills.
    • Student Academic Resources staff members are available to meet with any student individually throughout the year in order to assist students in developing academic skills or connecting with other resources on campus.
    • Peer Technology Specialists are a peer resource available to provide individual technology consultations and training on various digital tools and technologies related to education and productivity.
    • The Library staff can assist at all stages of the research process; students can sign up for a personal research session in addition to accessing all the research services which are available.
    • Language Resources and Technology supports students in their pursuit of language proficiency and in their study of related cultures, and provides a lab space for students to meet, study and get help with language related assignments.
    • Information Technology Services provides software to Wesleyan students to assist in coursework.