Academic Peer Advisors (APA)

The APA Program provides students with a well-informed resource about the course registration process and academic resources beginning with New Student Orientation and continuing throughout the year.

What is a peer advisor?

Peer advisors are juniors and seniors who work during New Student Orientation (NSO) and throughout the academic year to enhance student access to academic resources. During the summer, peer advisors are available online to answer questions students have about academic resources or campus life. We work to connect students with the resources they need in order to be as successful as possible.


Peer advisors answer questions related to:

Peer advisors are available for:

  • Answering questions online: Peer advisors are available all year by email to answer student questions about academic resources or campus life.
  • Meeting one-on-one with students: We work individually with students to provide peer advice regarding topics such as time management, organization, study strategies, and many other academic skills. We can also assist with understanding and navigating university processes such as course registration planning and housing selection.
  • Leading workshops: Peer Advisors lead workshops in residence halls and with student groups on topics such as metacognitive learning strategies, time management, public speaking, study skills, and exam preparation strategies. If you are an RA or group leader, reach out to us so we can plan an event!

Connecting with a peer advisor

Please use this website as a tool to answer some of your questions, and never hesitate to reach out to a peer advisor to talk about your needs. Email all of us at or browse through our bio page, and email an individual peer advisor directly.

Thank you; we look forward to working with you!