Writing a Paper

Laptop computerWhether you’re stumped with picking a topic, not sure how to start your research, or are ready to finalize your draft, the following resources can assist you with writing a paper.


Faculty Office Hours
Faculty members are available to meet with students during weekly office hours. Refer to your course syllabus, or ask your instructor, to determine when and how they are available to answer questions, clarify a topic or instructions, or review an outline or draft of a paper.

Writing Workshop
Writing mentors and tutors work individually with students. Students can meet with a tutor to discuss ideas for an upcoming assignment, edit a rough draft of a paper, or review a professor's comments on completed work. Students looking for more personalized support can sign up for a Writing Mentor at the beginning of each semester.

Librarians can assist you at all stages of the research process; they will work with you to find useful reference works, online indexes, and other sources, and show you how to use these tools to find lots of relevant information quickly. Spend your research time more efficiently by signing up for a personal research session in addition to accessing all the research services which are available.

Digital Tools, Resources, & Support
A list, and descriptions, of various digital tools and technology available at Wesleyan is available, as well as a video library. Not sure where to start? Contact a Peer Technology Specialist to ask questions and receive assistance with exploring the various programs available and learning how to use them.