Note Taking

Taking Notes IconTaking notes can look very different in college than it did in high school, and there are various note taking strategies which are more or less effective dependent on the courses you are taking; the following resources can assist you with developing effective note taking skills.


Faculty Office Hours, TA sessions, and/or Moodle
Faculty members are available to meet with students during weekly office hours, and TA sessions are linked with many courses and serve as a valuable opportunity for students to have their questions answered. Refer to your course syllabus, or ask your instructor, to determine when and how they are available. Often, faculty provide additional course material online, and many faculty are happy to meet with students to review their notes and help fill-in missing information after class.

Student Academic Resources (SAR)
Whether you need a more effective system for keeping track of notes from readings, or keeping up with taking notes in class, the professional and student staff in SAR or an Academic Peer Advisor, are happy to meet with you to assist with note taking skills, such as effectively taking notes on readings or during class, and organizing notes using different pen and paper or digital methods. Contact a SAR staff member, a Peer Technology Specialist or email the Academic Peer Advisors ( to schedule a meeting anytime.

Digital Tools, Resources, & Support
A list, and descriptions, of various digital tools and technology available at Wesleyan is available, along with a video library. Additionally, you can meet with a Peer Technology Specialist to learn more about using technology to improve your academics (and life).

Accessibility Services
Students with documented learning, physical, sensory, health, or psychiatric disabilities are able to request reasonable accommodations through Accessibility Services. If you have, or suspect you may have, a disability for which you believe you need an accommodation, please contact Accessibility Services or an Accessibility Liaison to discuss your needs and the process for requesting accommodations.