Academic Support Services

In addition to the academic support services listed below, students are encouraged to visit the FIND A RESOURCE page for a list of recommended resources by topic.

Individual Meetings

Student Academic Resources professional and student staff members are available to meet with any student individually throughout the year. Staff members can assist students in developing academic skills or connecting with other resources on campus, and Peer Technology Specialists are available for technology consultations and training on various digital tools and technologies. Students who believe that they would benefit from academic support, but are not sure where to turn, are encouraged to schedule a meeting with a staff member. Students interested in a meeting can reach out anytime!

Group Workshops

Student Academic Resources provides workshops, demonstrations, and informational sessions for interested groups. Workshops are provided by a SAR staff member and/or the Peer Technology Specialists, and can be developed based on a specific need and can be requested for any faculty, staff, or student group. Examples of commonly requested topics are:

  • Academic skill building
    • Time management and organizational skills
    • Metacognitive learning strategies
    • Study skills, tools, and techniques
  • Technology demonstrations
    • Introduction to assistive technology
    • Accessing course materials
    • Overview of digital tools for productivity
  • Informational sessions
    • Tools, resources, and technology available at Wesleyan
    • Overview of Student Academic Resources and its programs

Wesleyan community members interested in hosting a workshop with Student Academic Resources can contact SAR anytime!

Technology Consultations

The Peer Technology Specialists and the Accessibility Specialist in Student Academic Resources provides individual technology consultations and training for students. The Wesleyan community has access to a number of assistive technology resources, as well as various software programs, which can increase productivity and learning. Students who are interested in using assistive technology or digital tools, but are not sure where to begin, can contact the Accessibility Specialist or contact the Peer Technology Specialists for assistance with exploring programs and learning how to use them.