Time Management and Stress Reduction

Analog clockWhether you feel challenged by trying to manage your schedule, feel you are not effectively balancing your personal and academic responsibilities, or have a general feeling of being overwhelmed, the following resources may be able to assist you with managing your time, reducing your stress, and developing organization skills.


Student Academic Resources (SAR)
The staff in SAR, and Peer Technology Specialists are happy to meet with students to assist with time management and organizational skills, such as effectively using a digital calendar and reminders, and keeping track of courses and assignments. Additionally, Academic Peer Advisors are available to assist with skill building in time management, study skills, note taking, and test taking, balancing academic and personal time, as well as understanding and navigating university processes such as course planning and housing selection. Contact SAR or email the Academic Peer Advisors (peeradvisors@wesleyan.edu) to schedule a meeting anytime.

Class Deans
Class deans are available to help students develop educational goals and complete their graduation requirements. They facilitate student access to academic and non-academic support services, and support student transitions from high school, through the undergraduate years, to life post-Wesleyan. Class deans have daily drop-in hours Monday - Friday, and are also available for appointments. The class blogs are also an important resource providing you with links to valuable resources.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
CAPS provides comprehensive short-term mental health services through multidisciplinary integration with Davison Health Center and WesWell. Students who utilize the psychotherapy services may discuss in confidence any worries, distressing feelings, or difficult situations they are currently experiencing. The goal of CAPS is to assist students as they navigate through life's challenges within the context of a highly rigorous and demanding academic environment.

WesWell, the Office of Health Education, is an integral part of Wesleyan University's Health Services. WesWell understands the impact of student health on academic performance and is committed to providing services that are designed to develop healthy behaviors and prevent health concerns that may interfere with academic and personal success. Student can reach out to WesWell anytime.