Meet the NSO Peer Advisors

New Student Orientation (NSO) Peer Advisors are returning students who work during NSO; this includes International Student Orientation and First Things First.

NSO Peer Advisors assist incoming students with schedule planning and preparation for faculty advisor meetings, and provide support for other NSO activities. NSO Peer Advisors work in tandem with the Academic Peer Advisors, in order to enrich the NSO experience for students.

Students needing assistance beyond orientation can reach out to an Academic Peer Advisor. Any of the NSO Peer Advisors (bios below) would be happy to help you connect to an appropriate APA, or email anytime.

  • Matthew Cannella (He/Him/His)

    2025: Mathematics, Physics

    My name is Matthew Cannella, preferred pronouns are he/him/his, and I am from Pelham, NY. I am in the class of 2025. I am a double major in Mathematics and Physics, and I intend to minor in IDEAS. I am a CA and a peer tutor for several physics and math courses, and I also tutor high school students. Outside of academics, I help to run Club Table Tennis, and I am a member of Math Club, the Society of Physics Students, Board Game Club, Intramural Softball, and Chess Club.

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Don't stress about knowing exactly what you want to do at this point in time, and explore classes that just seem fun and exciting to take. You might change your mind about what you want to study or find a new subject that is interesting to you.

  • Vicky Gong (She/Her/Hers)

    2025: Computer Science, Studio Art

    Hello, everyone! I'm Vicky Gong, hailing from Hefei, China. As a K-pop dance teacher at KDC, I get to share my passion for dance and create exhilarating experiences. Photography is another deep source of inspiration for me, which led me to decide to be a Studio Art major with a photography concentration during my sophomore year, thanks to the incredible opportunities at Wes!

    In addition to my artistic pursuits, I am also majoring in Computer Science, exploring the fascinating world of technology and its applications.

    As your Peer Advisor, I'm here to connect with you, share my journey, and discuss our diverse interests. Let's make the most of our time at Wes by supporting each other and building a vibrant community. Excited to embark on this journey together!

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Get ready to dive headfirst into the exciting unknown of your first year. Embrace the unknown with an open mind and a curious spirit, allowing yourself to explore new interests!

  • Leela Hasan (She/Her/Hers)

    2025: (prospective) Economics, Psychology, Data Analysis

    Hi! My name’s Leela, and I am an American student from overseas. I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I am currently in the class of 26. Although I expect to be back in the class of 25 after the summer. I am planning to major in economics and psychology with a minor in data analysis. But I spent a lot of my time at Wes undecided, so I’ve taken several GOV and HIST courses as well. If you have any questions about the introductory courses in those majors, taking a gap semester once you’re in school, taking more than 4.0 credit courses, and/or transferring IB credits, then I’d be happy to help!

    I love almost all cozy indoor activities. I am an avid reader, knitter, crocheter, gamer, and TV binge watcher. On campus I am a member of the Wesleyan Shakespeare society (WesShakes), the Wesleyan knitting circle, SPECTRUM, and Shakti. Outside of campus, I have volunteered remotely with a mental health organization back in the Philippines, which is the country I grew up in.

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Do your best to get over any anxiety you may have about talking to faculty. Reach out over email to professors with interesting classes, don’t be afraid to look at some of their previous research if you don’t know what to talk about with them, and take advantage of office hours.

  • Karis Ko (She/Her/Hers)

    2026: (prospective) College of Social Studies, Economics

    Hi, my name is Karis (she/her), I’m from Memphis, Tennessee, and I’m in the class of 26’! I’m currently on the track to double major in CSS (College of Social Studies) and Economics, but I also love learning psychology. I had previously been involved with activities like Cardinal Kids and KDC, but this upcoming year I will be also be much more involved with KSA (Korean Student Association), AASC (Asian American Student Collective), and Asian Cooking Club through being on the e-boards :) since coming to Wes, I have never felt more strongly determined to advocate for my cultural identity and experiences, and I hope that the upcoming class will also be able to feel passionate in who they identify as through joining student organizations and affinity groups.

    Advice to First-Year Students

    I personally came to Wes with a completely different academic track in mind, and even my current path is bound to change. Take full advantage of Wesleyan’s open curriculum and try out courses that are out of your comfort zone!

  • Gabrielle McIntosh (She/Her/Hers)

    2026: Prospective Major(s) are Sociology and Government; also interested in African American Studies

    I am the Assistant News Editor for Wesleyan Argus and involved in WOCOCO and BSU. I'm happy to answer questions, especially for new FGLI students; welcome to Wes!

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Try to immerse yourself as much as possible in the communities and activities around you, because there are so many it can feel overwhelming, but the more you expose yourself the closer you will be to feeling like you belong.

  • Carolyn Neugarten (She/Her/Hers)

    2026: College of Letters, (prospective) History, Global Engagement

    Hey! I'm Carolyn Neugarten, an incoming sophomore from Ridgefield, Connecticut. During my first year at Wesleyan I wrote for the Wesleyan Argus, was a research assistant for the Center for the Study of Guns and Society and the Wesleyan Media Project, interned at the admissions office, and was also an active member of the Wesleyan Jewish Community and student theater on campus.

    The Wesleyan community really helped me discover my love of writing and sharing stories, and I think that every student here is given amazing opportunities to follow their true passions - you only have to go out and find them!

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Be flexible! Don't feel confined to one course of study or type of extracurricular. Let yourself be drawn to all sorts of people, interests, courses, and dynamics!

  • Allie Pae (She/Her/Hers)

    2025: History, Government (American Politics)

    Hello! My name is Allie Pae and I'm from Seattle, WA! I am double majoring in history and government, with a concentration in American politics. I also might end up doing a minor in environmental studies! I am a member of the Asian American Studies Working Group, a member of the Asian American Student Collective's Financial Board, and a tutor with the Wesleyan Middle School Tutoring Program. I also work as a student office worker with the Romance Languages and Literatures Department.

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Although your impostor syndrome may say otherwise, you do belong here! You are capable of so much more than you think.

  • Yasemin Schmitt (She/Her/Hers)

    2024: Neuroscience and Behavior, German Studies

    Hi! My name is Yasemin Schmitt, and I am from New York City. Since my sophomore year, I have been working in the Wesleyan Computational Memory Lab using EEG to study the formation and retrieval of memories.

    In my sophomore year I joined Wesleyan’s new photography club called WesPhoto. In our club I am one of the head layout designers for our magazine publications! In my free time I like to ice skate with friends in my figure skating club WesEdge! You can also find me selling my handmade jewelry at various sales on campus.

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Give yourself time to breathe and grow! Try not to overload with classes. Let yourself acclimate to your schedule, extracurriculars, and living away from home. Learning how to manage your time in college can be challenging, but you can do it!

  • Senica Slaton (She/Her/Hers)

    2026: (prospective) Theater, English, African American Studies

    Hi! My name is Senica Slaton and I am from Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am very involved in theater on campus! I have worked on three shows with the theater department, two of them being senior thesis productions. And sophomore year I am getting more involved with our student theater collective, Spike Tape. I am also a board member of the Student of Color Fashion Show Committee, and a member of the Woman of Color Collective, Eclectic Society, and Siren DJ Collective. I volunteer at Oddfellows Youth Playhouse in Middletown, as well.

    I struggled with culture shock when I originally came from the South to Wesleyan, so I am happy to share my experience with adjusting to college in the North!

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Really take advantage of the open curriculum! Because even if you take a class in a subject and you don’t like it, you will still learn a lot from that class that will help you in ways outside of class.

  • Chase Williams (He/Him/His)

    2025: College of Social Studies, Government

    Hello. I'm Chase Williams from Atlanta, GA. I identify as a Posse Veteran, First Generation Low Income, and POC scholar on campus. And I speak English, Korean, and a little Japanese.

    I love Economics, Government, and History. Currently, I'm majoring in the College of Social Studies and Government.

    At Wesleyan, I am a member of WESVO, POC Law Society, Consulting Pathway, and Wesleyan Investment Group.

    Advice to First-Year Students

    Don't be afraid of telling others about who you are, and what your interests are. Your 4-year college life starts with acknowledging/accepting who you are.