Writing at Wesleyan

As a Wesleyan student, you are joining a vibrant community of writers.  Students' engagement with writing extends far beyond the classroom.  Poets, essayists, journalists, and fiction writers visit the campus throughout the year, offering readings, workshops, colloquia, and informal discussions about writing.  Writing prizes recognize exceptional student work and support independent summer writing projects while students publish creative writing, journalism, and academic essays in more than a dozen student publications.  

Students at Wesleyan can pursue their interests in writing and develop their skills in a variety of ways.  Students who are interested in creative writing can take courses offered in the creative writing curriculum offered by the English Department and the College of Letters and investigate the creative writing concentration in the English major.  Students who are not English majors can study a range of ways of writing for public audiences (in journalism, criticism, editing, fiction, poetry, drama, biography, and memoir) through the Writing Certificate.  Students may enroll in Master Classes in Creative Writing through the Shapiro Center for Writing and participate in conversations and events hosted by the Center.  They are encouraged to attend readings by prominent writers who visit the University each year.

Students who are working to develop their skill in academic writing or who are looking for assistance in their writing for courses can visit the Writing Workshop where a variety of services and activities are available to aid students at every stage in their academic career and every level of ability. For those whose first language is not English, additional support is available through academic writing courses for multilingual writers and extracurricular programming.