Drop-in Tutoring

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The following services offer drop-in tutoring support on a weekly basis. Visit each service's webpage for information about their times and locations. Students are encouraged to consult with their faculty members to determine which resources are most appropriate to support them.



STEM Zone is located in the Science Library and is a space where students currently taking introductory science courses can receive academic support. Students can get help from course teaching assistants, course instructors, peer advisors, and fellow students. Courses that held STEM Zone hours in previous semesters include: CHEM 141-142 & 251-252, PHYS 111-112, BIOL 181-182, NS&B 213, PSYC 222.

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Math Jam

Math Jam is an additional resource for students taking introductory math classes that is intended to complement the Math Workshop, CA sessions, or a professor's office hours. Tutors are knowledgeable in the standard math calculus sequence but are also able to assist with the “mathy” aspects of introductory courses in Economic, Physics, QAC, and Computer Science.

Transitioning from high school to college math can be intimidating. Students who came to Wesleyan wanting to major in math may think that they are not as good in math as they thought they were. The mission of Math Jam is to encourage such students so that they don’t give up on their goals. Math Jam is also helpful for students who take math classes to fulfill majors other than math. - Math Jam Website

Click here to learn more about Math Jams. Click here to check out special events organized by Math Jam.


Math Workshop

Experienced undergraduate and graduate tutors provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to answer your questions about mathematics. 

Need help with math? This is the place to go. - Math Workshop Website

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Econ Zone

Econ Zone is the designated drop-in tutoring service for core economics courses (ECON 101, 110, 300, 301, 302). It complements professor's office hours, CA/TA's office hours, and recitation sessions.

Students taking Econ 101, 110, 300, 301 and 302 have the opportunity to ask questions regarding course material. It also provides a study hall for individual and group work. - Econ Zone Website

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Quantitative Analysis Tutoring

Hazel Quantitative Analysis Center provides drop-in statistical computing tutoring to assist with data management and analysis using various programs.

On a first-come first-served basis they [tutors] assist with data management and analysis using Eviews, R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata. Tutors can also assist with SQL, Excel, and data access programs. - Hazel Quantitative Analysis Center Tutoring Website

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Scientific Computing and Informatics Tutoring

Scientific Computing and Informatics Center provides drop-in support related to programming (Python, Java, etc.), Matlab, Mathematic, SQL and the computing cluster.

Tutoring is available for a variety of programming languages and analytical software packages for interested parties who are...

  • Working on an assignment or project;
  • Doing research for a laboratory;
  • Lost in a sea of data;
  • Want to learn a new skill just for the sake of it!

Scientific Computing and Informatics Center Tutoring Website

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