Technology Consultations

The Peer Technology Specialists and the Director of Student Academic Resources provide technology consultations, training, and workshops. The Wesleyan community has access to a number of digital tools and technology resources, which can increase productivity and learning.

Individual Meetings

Students who are interested in using assistive technology or digital tools, but are not sure where to begin, can contact the Director or contact a Peer Technology Specialist for assistance with exploring programs and learning how to use them. Not sure what to ask about first? Complete this short Google Form, and a Peer Technology Specialists will contact you!

Group Workshops

Workshops, demonstrations, and informational sessions are provided by the Director and/or the Peer Technology Specialists, and can be developed based on a specific need as requested by any faculty, staff, or student group. Commonly requested topics include providing an introduction and overview of available digital tools, using digital tools for productivity, technology demonstrations, and use of specific technology for a particular purpose (thesis writing, for example). Contact the Director of SAR to arrange your group workshop today!