Teaching, researching, and learning in Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) have been dramatically impacted by the availability of powerful technologies and the development of robust analytical software packages. In many cases however, new hardware and software can seem inscrutable and difficult to use without the help of an experienced guide. The Scientific Computing and Informatics Center (SCIC) is aimed at facilitating the effective use of Wesleyan's considerable technological resources, including the new high-performance computing facility, by all Wesleyan faculty and students. Tutoring is available for a variety of programming languages and analytical software packages for interested parties who are...
  • Working on an assignment or project;
  • Doing research for a laboratory;
  • Lost in a sea of data;
  • Want to learn a new skill just for the sake of it!

Learning to program is one of the most useful things you can do for yourself as a student or scientist in NSM.  Our staff currently comprises specialists in Java, C, Perl, Python, SQL, Visual Basic, Unix/Linux Shell Scripting, Unix, PyMol, Matlab, Mathematica, Cluster (HPC) Computing, Amber, Xmgrace, Chimera, AutoDock, VMD, Informatics, and Relational Databases. Although only the most common help topics are listed here, we aim to support any and all uses of Wesleyan's technological resources; no request is too small!

Whether you desperately need help, merely want a few pointers, or just want to bounce ideas back and forth, come enjoy some free coffee and talk with us in Exeley Science Center, Room 105 (first door on the right after you go through the glass doors near the elevators).

For support please contact: