Our unique program blends course work with research opportunities and provides students access to professional-quality telescopes, instrumentation and computers. Our students go on to the best graduate programs in the country, or to a variety of rewarding careers both in and out of the field of science.

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Capturing a moment that wasn’t
Late last autumn, while looking over the calendar of events for VVO’s centennial celebration, I noticed something penciled in for February 6th by Michaela Fisher, one of the students working on our history project. “Frederick Slocum’s Birthday Party.” What should we … Continue reading

Our new Diversity Journal Club
Editor’s note: I’m posting this on behalf of Kevin Flaherty, postdoctoral scholar in our dept. -RK Diversity has been a popular topic of discussion on campuses across the country. In Astronomy, we are particularly aware of diversity, or the lack … Continue reading

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