Basic Steps for Captioning a Zoom Video

  • All public facing videos must be captioned.
  • Captioning is the responsibility of the department creating/displaying the video

Here are some basic steps to captioning a video

Using ZOOM’s caption service

  • Be sure Transcripts is turned on before you start the recording
    • this should be set by default, but you should check to be sure
  • After the recording you must edit the captions on the Zoom cloud
  • You can share the Zoom cloud address of the video and it will display the captions

  • If you need to upload this video to Brightcove:
    • Download the video file
    • Download the edited transcript file (.vtt file)
    • Upload both the video and the edited transcript files to BrightCove using the Video Uploader application in your Wes Portal

Using Rev’s caption service

  • You will need to create an account on
    • Rev is an external company that will create the captions for your videos
    • there is a cost associated with this so you will need to set up some billing information.
  • After the event download your video from ZOOM
  • Upload the video to Rev using your Rev account
    • Rev will create the caption file for you
  • Rev will notify you when the caption file is ready
    • download the caption file
    • (You will not need to edit this file)
  • For this video to be viewed publicly you will need to upload the files to a video playback system
    • the university has a license for BrightCove -- a third party video system
    • upload the video file and the caption file (2 separate files) to BrightCove using the Video Uploader in your WesPortal.
    • If you use tags when uploading your video add them here
    • You will get a Brightcove videoid so you can add the video to your website/blog