Transfer Student Application Process

Fall Transfer Application Deadlines

  • Deadline: March 15
  • Notification: late April

Transfer Credit Evaluation 

We provide a credit review with an offer of admission, but generally coursework will be creditable and help to determine transfer admission eligibility if: 
  • The course was taken on a college campus (not a college-level course taken at high school) 
  • The course is similar to a course offered by a Wesleyan department 
  • The course is at the college level 
  • A grade of C- (B- for a summer course) or better was earned.
Students can use a maximum of two AP or IB credits toward their Wesleyan degree. See the relevant section of the graduation requirements section of the Registrar’s page. 

Non-traditional Students

Applicants who have significant interruptions in their schooling (high school or college) or who were home schooled should provide a thorough explanation of their educational situation, background, and chronology in their personal statement or in the Additional Information section of their application. Competitive applicants need to have been enrolled recently in a full-time course of study to demonstrate a record of success in such a program. 

Re-applying as a Transfer

Reapplicants (i.e. students who have applied to Wesleyan but never matriculated) must submit a new application. Applicants who were denied admission to Wesleyan must wait one full year before reapplying. 

Residential Requirement 

  • Transfer students entering Wesleyan as a 1st semester sophomore are required to live on campus as full-time students for at least five semesters. 
  • Transfer students entering Wesleyan as a 2nd semester sophomore or 1st semester junior are required to live on campus as full-time students for at least four semesters. 

A semester in residence is defined as any semester in which a student attends classes on the Wesleyan campus, has attempted at least three credits, and received at least one grade. If a conversion to semester hours is required, each Wesleyan credit may be assigned a value of four semester hours. 


Application Requirements

    1. Common Application for transfer admission

    2. College Report

    3. Official transcript(s) of ALL college work to date

    4. Official final high school transcript or proof of graduation (i.e. GED)

    5. Mid-term report if currently enrolled

    6. Two instructor evaluations

      Instructor evaluations are from college teachers of academic courses. Applicants from larger schools, especially first year students, may be concerned about this component of the application. We have received very helpful evaluations from graduate Teaching Assistants as well as from faculty with whom the applicant has spoken about the reasons for transfer. The College Report may present a similar issue because academic deans may not know the student personally. Some larger schools have a policy to attach a form letter to the report. Wesleyan accepts these form letters without prejudice against the applicant. Students may submit teacher evaluations from high school teachers, but these should be in addition to the College Instructor Evaluations and not a replacement.

    7. A $65 non-refundable application fee (The application fee is automatically waived for students applying for Financial Aid.)


Optional Application Materials

Standardized Testing

Wesleyan does not require transfer applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of the application for admission. Students can decide for themselves whether or not their scores reflect their academic ability and if they would like their test scores to be considered alongside their college and high school transcripts. Scores of tests taken during high school are accepted, as are scores of more recent testing, if a candidate elects to submit them. 


Interviews are no longer part of the transfer application process to Wesleyan. However, given that transfer students have a wide variety of educational trajectories, a member of our admission team may reach out if questions arise.