Application Process

Applications are due Monday, March 30, 2020

  1. In your WesPortal, declare College of Letters as your desired major. (Note this will not be an actual declaration, just allow us to see your transcript. You will still have the option to change your mind and choose another major). 

  2. Click Here to download the application form. Please complete the application form. Please save the form in .doc format and make sure the file name includes your Wes username. Keep a backup of your completed application for your records.

  3. Please select as a writing sample a paper from a Wesleyan course that demonstrates your academic writing abilities and include it in your application materials as either a Word .doc or a .pdf

  4. Click Here to log into the College of Letters Wesfiles dropbox and upload your completed files.

    • When you click on the link, you may have to sign in twice to access the dropbox
    • Click on "Upload Files Now" in the upper left area of the screen
    • If you see an error message about Java, click on the "Basic Upload" link
    • Click "Choose File" and select the first file to upload
    • Click "Start Upload"
    • Click "Finish" and repeat the process for each file you need to upload
  5. Please email Eugenia Szady at <> to schedule a phone or Zoom interview.