Life in the COL

A few reminders that make life in the COL easier:


Your COL mailbox

As a student in the College of Letters, you are assigned a COL mailbox just outside the COL library.  Your name is listed with your class alphabetically.  Although most notices concerning the COL are sent via e-mail, some are put in these mailboxes as well as messages to individual students such as paper evaluations.  So, make it a habit to check your mailbox each time you come into the COL.

Phone number

Please leave a phone number where you may be reached with the COL Secretary each year and inform her of any change of number during the year.


Please make sure to check your Wesleyan e-mail account frequently for important deadline reminders about study abroad, Lankford grants, grade evaluations, etc.

(2) Alcohol policy:

Please do not help yourself to wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages that may be available at COL dinners if you are under 21 years of age.  Violation of liquor control laws can subject you to disciplinary action by both university and civil authorities, as well as making COL staff liable to prosecution as servers of alcohol to minors.  Illegal consumption of alcohol by persons under the drinking age may necessitate its discontinuation for everybody.


The COL Library is for the use of COL students only.  Considerate uses of the COL Library include:

A.    As a resource

In addition to the poetry collection and books of general philosophical, historical, and literary interest, the collection includes books that may be of direct use in your more specialized study or research. 

You are welcome to take books out as long as you sign and date the library card and leave it with the COL Secretary.  When you return the book, do not put it back on the shelf.  Leave it with the Secretary who will cross your name off the card and return the book and card to the proper place.  Please return books within a month or ask for an extension.  All books must be returned by the end of the semester.

B.    As a setting for COL social gatherings:

The library is a comfortable and convenient place for social occasions and informal conversations between COL students and faculty, but when food and drink are provided there, please be careful of your surroundings and try to avoid spills on the carpet, table, chairs, and of course, books.

C.     As a study area:

With the exception of social events when it is closed, the library is always available as a place for conversation as well as study.  But if you chat with friends and classmates there, please do so quietly, so that students who are studying in the library and faculty members working in adjacent offices will not be disturbed.