Sophomore Colloquium:  Antiquity (fall)

You will begin your COL experience by exploring the historical, philosophical, political, and literary revolutions that shaped the worlds of Antiquity, whose richness and variety is represented by writings from Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, Greece, Italy and the Mediterranean, spanning more than 2500 years (from 2200 BCE to 400 CE). From The Odyssey to the Bible, you and your paired Professors may discuss the beginnings of monotheism, the practice of slavery, Plato's and Aristotle's conceptions of the soul, Herodotus' understanding of history, or gender in the Bacchae.  While some writers and thinkers are "regular" visitors to our syllabi, themes differ over the years as well as the texts used to approach them. In fact, new COL majors are often pleased to discover that instructors regularly redesign the syllabus for the colloquium. COL majors can even contribute to the construction of the syllabus, since they usually meet with their next colloquium instructors prior to the beginning of the semester to discuss possible themes and readings. 

For a sample of syllabi for the Sophomore COLLOQUIUM (fall), click below:

-COL Antiquity sample syllabus 1

-COL Antiquity sample syllabus 2

-COL Antiquity sample syllabus 3

Study Abroad

COL major spend one semester abroad in Western, Eastern Europe, Israel, or, if successfully petitioned and justified, in a few other countries. Study abroad takes place in the spring of your sophomore year. Exceptions granted for athletes who can study abroad in the summer. The purpose of the semester abroad is not merely to enhance language proficiency, but also to enhance the understanding of a foreign culture and to give the student a new perspective on his/her own culture. Click here for more information.