Study Abroad

Starting with the class of 2023, COL majors spend the spring of their junior year abroad, and this requires intermediate level work in the appropriate foreign language. It is expected that students entering COL as Sophomores will be ready for the intermediate level of study (or its equivalent) in the language of their choice. That normally means French 215, German 211, Hebrew 202, Italian 111, Spanish 113, or Russian 202, Greek 202, Latin 202, Arabic 202. Students should therefore take the Wesleyan language placement test and enroll in appropriate language classes during their first-year. For more information click here:

Wesleyan offers programs abroad for the COL major:

Vassar - Wesleyan Program in Paris (VWPP)

E.C.CO. Bologna Program

Vassar Wesleyan Madrid Program (UWM)

In addition, you may choose from a selection of pre-approved study abroad programs.

Study abroad deadlines:

The Office of Study Abroad (O.S.A.) has strict deadlines for the submission of study abroad applications. The deadline for most Wesleyan and Wesleyan approved programs is October 1 in the fall, with deadlines for non-Wesleyan programs potentially earlier. Late applications are not accepted so make sure to submit your application on time.


1. For information about study abroad, go to the OSA website at

Grades for courses abroad:

Since such courses, although required by the major, are not counted for major course credit, you may elect either a graded or ungraded mode for the assessment of your study abroad courses. However, (a) you must take all of the foreign study in the same grading mode, and (b) it is not possible to change the grading mode later than 10 days after the beginning of classes in the foreign study program.