First Year

Prepare to Apply

First-year students interested in the College of Letters are advised:
(1) to take the language placement test and enroll in appropriate language classes during their first year,
(2) to elect courses from the First-Year Seminar program, such as COL 150 "Great Books Unbound," or in history, philosophy, or literature.

Requirements to enter the College of Letters:
(1) apply to the program in March of your first year at Wesleyan,
(2) make a plan that puts you on track to complete one of the following courses at the latest during the fall of your junior year:
French 215, Hebrew 202, Italian 111 (preferably 221), German 211 or 212, Russian 202, Spanish 221, Latin 202, Greek 202, Arabic 202.

If you haven't taken a language course at Wesleyan, make sure to take the language placement test in your target language in your WesPortal.

Apply to the COL

(1) Join COL faculty and COL majors at one of our Open House sessions in the Fall or Spring semesters in the COL library. This is a good time for you to become acquainted with our major, faculty, and current majors and ask them any questions you might have about COL.

(2) Go to our Application section by clicking here. It's that easy!