Information for Transfer Applicants

Wesleyan enrolls approximately 60 transfer students each fall semester. Wesleyan transfer students come from other four-year colleges and universities, as well as two-year colleges, and transfer to Wesleyan as sophomores and juniors. Transfer students add a great deal to the life and character of Wesleyan and are helped and encouraged to make a rapid transition out of “transfer” status and into all the privileges and responsibilities that come with being a Wesleyan student.

All transfer applicants must apply by submitting a Common Application online.

Application Deadlines

Fall Transfer 
  • Deadline: March 15
  • Notification: late April
Transfer Application Process

Financial Aid for Transfer Students

For each transfer student who is selected for admission, Wesleyan is committed to providing the full amount of financial aid the student is qualified to receive based on our assessment of demonstrated financial need. The commitment to meet a student’s full need extends to every year of enrollment. Students who indicate on their application that they will NOT apply for financial aid and are admitted, and students who miss their financial aid application deadline, WILL NOT be considered for Wesleyan financial aid during their first two (2) semesters at Wesleyan.

Financial aid for foreign transfer students is not available.  Wesleyan does offer financial aid to students who are undocumented or have DACA status and have graduated from a U.S. high school.  Applications from all other students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents requesting financial aid will not be considered. Foreign students not requesting financial aid should submit documentation verifying sufficient personal resources or outside scholarships to meet the expense of a Wesleyan education.  Please use the International Student Certification of Finances form and submit the completed form with your application. For more information, visit the Financial Aid Office.

Special Programs

We have a special interest in Connecticut Community College (CCC) adult students. The Etherington Scholars Program, a scholarship program named for Wesleyan’s former president Edwin Etherington, attracts some of the top graduates of these two-year state colleges and helps them prepare for a productive future in Connecticut. All Connecticut Community College transfer applicants are considered for the Etherington Scholarship based on financial need. You need not use a separate form to apply for this scholarship.