Prizes in African American Studies

John G. Monroe Prize: The Center for African American Studies inaugurated the Monroe Prize in 1985 in honor of former Wesleyan professor, John G. Monroe. The Monroe prize is awarded to the sophomore or junior in the university who submits the best essay on any subject in African American Studies. Essays must be submitted for consideration to the program office by April 1.

W.E.B. Du Bois Prize: The W.E.B. Du Bois Prize is awarded each year to a graduating senior majoring in AFAM Studies. The prize recognizes academic excellence on three major criteria: a range of courses within the African American Studies major, coursework outside the major, and evidence of independent research. The recipient of the prize is chosen by the faculty of the program.

Vanguard Prize: The Vanguard Prize was established by black alumni in tribute to the black members of the Class of 1969, whose perseverance and pioneering leadership earned them designation as the Vanguard Class. The prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has achieved academic excellence and contributed to maintaining Wesleyan's racial diversity.

Brody Prize: The Erness Bright Brody Prize was established by Ann duCille in 2002 in honor of former Chair of the African American Studies Program, Erness Bright Brody. The Prize is awarded annually to a senior AFAM major. The award is based on the familiarity with and assessment of students' proficiency in written expression, especially exposition, although creative writing may also be considered. The faculty of the Program chooses the recipient of the Prize.