Hemispheric Americas and Transnational American Studies Courses

AMST 213, African American History 1444-1877
AMST 225, Latinidad:  Introduction to Latina/o Studies
AMST 226, 20th-Century Franco-Caribbean Literature and the Search for Identity
AMST 233, Global Queer Studies
AMST 244:  The Invention of America:  Remapping 19th-Century US Cultural History
AMST 253, American Modernisms 1900-1945
AMST 258, Black Religions in the Americas
AMST 261:  What Is Religion?  Rastafari, Santeria, and other Afrocosmologies
AMST 263, Post Cold War Narratives of Migration to the U.S.
AMST 264, Introduction to Asian American Literature
AMST 264A, Introduction to Asian American Literature

AMST 269, New World Poetics
AMST 273, Diasporic South Asian Writing and American Studies
AMST 279, Asians and Pacific Islanders in U.S. Empires
AMST 289, Insular Borders of Latin(X) America
AMST 290, Color Lines: the U.S. South and the Colonial World
AMST 291, Afro-Asian Intersections in the Americas
AMST 292, New Worlds, Indigenous Futures
AMST 295, Kill Anything That Moves:  the Vietnam War in Literature and Film
AMST 300:  The American West in the Age of Capitalist Transformation
AMST 302, Lyric Poetry and Music:  the Color and Politics of Cry, Sound, and Voice
AMST 304, The Sense and the Subject in Cinema and Poetry 
AMST 307, Indigenous Politics
AMST 312, Americans Abroad: Mapping 19th Century Travel Narratives
AMST 320, Asian American Posthumanisms:  Biopolitics, Ecopoetics, and Literature
AMST 322, Visions of the Future 
AMST 329:  Issues in Latina/o Politics and Culture
AMST 355, Between Asia and Asian America
AMST 363: Kill Anything That Moves: The Vietnam War in Literature and Film
AMST 378, Decolonizing Indigenous Gender and Sexuality
AMST 381, Unsovereign Elements, Caribbean Politics
AMST 391, Religion and the Social Construction of Race
AMST 397, United States Overseas Empire