American Studies Research Grants

The American Studies Department provides research grants to majors seeking external support to further a senior thesis, essay, or other scholarly project. All majors are eligible to apply on a rolling basis, though typically grants are used to fund summer research in preparation for a senior capstone project. Please allow at least six weeks for application review and decision.

Each student's application must be in a single pdf file. The application must contain: (1) a title; (2) a description of the proposed project, its objectives and its significance, including a short bibliography or discussion of relevant scholarly literature; (3) a brief statement discussing course work relating to the proposed project; (4) proposed timeline for completion of the research; (5) a detailed budget; (6) the name of at least one faculty reference.

Senior thesis projects will receive priority. All proposals will be evaluated by the American Studies Department Chair; grant applications that exceed $700 will also be reviewed by the American Studies Department. Criteria for judging applications include: the relevance of the project to American Studies; the scholarly value of the proposed research; the clarity and suitability of the project design; the feasibility of the proposed research plan and budget. Students should make their proposals as specific and detailed as possible, and support them with evidence of their ability to complete the work according to a realistic schedule.

Upon completion of the project, grant awardees must submit a brief report to the American Studies Department summarizing their activities. Applicants will be notified of grant awards on a rolling basis.

Applications should be submitted to the American Studies Department Chair, Indira Karamcheti at


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