Pre-20th Century (Pre-1900) Courses*


Fall 2020

AMST 232, American Architecture and Urbanism, 1770-1914

AMST 244, The Invention of America:  Remapping 19th Century Cultural History

AMST 265, American Labor History from 1776 to Recent Times

HIST 239, The Long 19th Century

Spring 2021

AMST 229, Hymnody in the U.S. Before the Civil War

AMST 235-01 and 235-02, American Literature, 1865-1945:  The Americanization of Power

AMST 269, New World Poetics

AMST 275, Introduction to African American Literature

AMST 300, The American West in the Age of Capitalist Transformation


Fall 2021

AMST 213, African American History 1444-1877

AMST 229, Hymnody in the United States Before the Civil War

AMST 259, Discovering the Person

AMST 262, Beyond the Talking Book:  Reading African American Literature in the Newspapers

AMST 264A, Introduction to Asian American Literature

AMST 288, War and Religion in Early America


Spring 2022

AMST 241, Childhood in America

AMST 258, Black Religions in the Americas

AMST 266, New York City:  Architecture and Urbanism

AMST 272, Unsettling American Art, 1600-1900

AMST 275, Introduction to African American Literature

AMST 284, Making New Worlds:  Encounters in Early North America

AMST 289, Insular Borders of Latin(X) America

AMST 290, Color Lines:  the U.S. South and the Colonial World

AMST 298, From Seduction to Civil War:  the Early U.S. Novel

AMST 312, Americans Abroad:  Mapping 19th Century Travel Narratives

AMST 381, Unsovereign Elements, Caribbean Poetics