Pre-20th Century (Pre-1900) Courses

AMST 213, African American History, 1444-1877
AMST 229, Hymnody in the United States Before the Civil War
AMST 231, Guns and Society
AMST 232, American Architecture and Urbanism, 1770-1914
AMST 235-01 & 235-02, American Literature, 1865-1945:  The Americanization of Power
HIST 239, The Long 19th Century
AMST 241, Childhood in Americ
HIST 242, The Long 19th Century in the U.S.
AMST 244, The Invention of America:  Remapping 19th Century Cultural History
AMST 250, The Incorporation of America 
AMST 258, Black Religions in the AmericasAMST 259, Discovering the Person
AMST 261, God & Guns: the History of Faith and Firearms in America
AMST 262, Beyond the Talking Book:  Reading African American Literature in the Newspapers
AMST 264A, Introduction to Asian American Literature
AMST 265, American Labor History from 1776 to Recent Times
AMST 266, New York City:  Architecture and Urbanism
AMST 269, New World Poetics
AMST 272, Unsettling American Art, 1600-1900
AMST 275, Introduction to African American Literature
AMST 284, Making New Worlds:  Encounters in Early North America
AMST 288, War and Religion in Early America
AMST 289, Insular Borders of Latin(X) America
AMST 290, Color Lines:  the U.S. South and the Colonial World
AMST 298, From Seduction to Civil War:  the Early U.S. Novel
AMST 300, The American West in the Age of Capitalist Transformation
AMST 312, Americans Abroad:  Mapping 19th Century Travel Narratives
AMST 322, Visions of the Future
AMST 381, Unsovereign Elements, Caribbean Poetics