VVO Accessibility Resources

Click through here to see information such as door widths and stair counts throughout our space.
  • Doorway Widths
    • West main entrance - 31 inches
    • East main entrance - 35 inches
    • First floor classroom doors - 33 inches
    • Library - 33.5 inches
    • Hallway door to accessible bathroom - 34 inches
    • Accessible All Gender bathroom door - 33 inches
    • Hallway door to All Gender bathroom 29 inches
    • All Gender bathroom doorjamb to doorjamb - 29 inches (clearance with door open 27 inches)
  • Stair Information

    Follow the link below for a PDF of our VVO Stair Information with detailed descriptions of all the stairs in our building and photos of the stairs.

    VVO Stair Information

  • Exterior Information
    • Barrier for ramp doesn’t extend all the way down - may be confusing in the dark and result to people ending up on grass
      • Extending the barrier or adding red light would be helpful
    • Lighting on the western corner and ramp would be helpful
    • Red light switches inside, two red lights on either front entrance 
    • External doors can be heavy