Public Events

We will have limited programming for the summer in 2018. Please see the calendar below for dates and times.

Visiting Van Vleck Observatory

There are several choices for the public to visit the observatory and view the sky through our telescopes:

Rain or Shine Space Nights

Space Nights will happen every Wednesday at 8pm during the academic year.  Aimed at high school level and above, but all visitors are welcome.  Starts with a half-hour interactive presentation by a member of our department (astronomy majors, graduate students, or faculty) on some topic of space news or recent discoveries in astronomy, followed by observing through the telescopes if it's clear. 

Kids' Nights

Kids' Nights are the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 7pm during the academic year and 8pm during the summer.  Aimed at elementary school ages, but open to anyone.  Kid-friendly space-related activities led by our grad and undergrad students, including observing with our telescopes when it's clear.  

Monthly Saturday Night Observing (Runs All Year Long)

One Saturday a month. Organized and hosted by the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford (ASGH), these observing sessions will use our 16" telescope as well as various smaller telescopes while the 20" refractor is undergoing restoration. For details please visit the ASGH website.

Group Visits

We are happy to host group visits for school groups, scouts, or other interested parties. Day and night visits are possible. To schedule a group visit, please contact Roy Kilgard.

CCSU Planetarium Shows

Join our friends at CCSU for a tour of the heavens in their planetarium. You can find schedules and details on their website.

Getting to the Observatory

Directions to the observatory can be found on our directions page

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