The Installation and Dedication
of the Wesleyan Carillon

The Installation

bellsThe bells, clappers, keyboard and other equipment were hoisted by crane in a dramatic event on a beautiful blue sky day in September 2005.  In days following the steel framework inside the belfry was installed and then the bells were moved inside using winches and bell hooks and manpower.  Once inside, each bell was hung onto the frame by attaching it with the clapper and then tightening all the bolts.  After all of the new bells were mounted and new clappers were installed on all of the old bells, the umbrella rack that holds the wires to connect the clappers to the keyboard below was installed.  Careful measurements and precision was necessary for everything to line up with the instrument below, so tools such as lasers aided the workers in the task.  Click here for more information about the DVD featuring a a film about the installation of the carillon.


The Wesleyan University Carillon was dedicated on November 5, 2005 at 4:30pm as part of Homecoming/Family Weekend.  The celebration honored the donors and honorees of the eight newly added bells as well as the previous addition of five new bells in fall 1966, donated by Victor L. Butterfield in the last year of his presidency.  Two music pieces were composed for the occasion by Wesleyan music Professors Neely Bruce ("Twenty Four Bells") and Richard Winslow '40 ("Happy Birthday").  Click here for more information about a DVD including a video of the ceremony.