Inscriptions on the Bells

Inscriptions on the first eleven bells:

In 1917 the class of 1863 gave us to sound the summons of this college.

For the young man, heir of the past, maker of the future, I ring.

For the teacher who enlarges the mind and strengthens the will, I ring.

For the preacher of the fear of the Lord, the beginning of wisdom, I ring.

For the scholar who preserves learning, I ring.

For the philosopher who ennobles life, I ring.

For the man of science who widens knowledge, I ring.

For him who in letters interprets life, I ring.

For him who in art beautifies life, I ring.

For the citizen, free and just, prepared to serve the state in peace or war, I ring.

For him, who in any station seeks not to be ministered unto, but to minister, I ring.

Inscriptions on the eight new bells

The eight new bells and the expanded practice keyboard were given to the university through the generous donations of the following:

In Honor of Peter  & Laurie Frenzel
Donated by Their Friends
A, 116 pounds 

In Memory of David E. Engel '49
Donated by Water Engel '46 & Clitheroe H. Engel
G-sharp, 693 pounds 

In Honor of the Woodhouse Family
Donated by John '53 & Lyn Woodhouse and John Woodhouse II '79 & Deborah Pearson-Woodhouse '79
D, 75 pounds 

In Memory of Joy Mooney Jenkins
Donated by David Jenkins '53
C, 88 pounds 

In Honor of Peter Harvey '03
Donated by Susan & Peter Harvey P'03
B, 97 pounds 

In Honor of the Bruner Family
Donated by Clark E. Bruner '36, Dr. William E. Bruner II '71 & Susan F. Bruner P'02, P'04, and Amanda L. Bruner '02 and Andrew E. Bruner '04
B-flat, 105 pounds 

In Honor of the Broker Family
Donated by Thomas O. Broker '36 & Evelyn F. Broker P'66, P'69 and Dr. Thomas R. Broker '66 & Dr. Louise Tsi Chow and Stephen P. Broker '69 and Linda K. Broker MAT '71
G-sharp, 127 pounds 

In Memory of Jane Nye Andrus and Maurene Morton Neville
Donated by James D. Andrus '66
D-sharp, 220 pounds 

Additional Support
Joshua P. Stevens '95
Armar A. Archbold

Keyboard Restoration through the Generosity of
Friends of Joan W. Miller MALS '79


NB - The five Butterfield Bells are not inscribed.