Overview of the Biology PhD Program 

The Biology Department offers graduate work leading to a PhD in biology. The low student-faculty ratio in the department ensures that students get to know faculty well, especially their research mentors. Strong mentorship enhances the primary emphasis of the program: intensive research experience. The intellectual growth of students is fostered via individualized course and reading programs and participation in seminar series and journal clubs. These activities, together with exposure to the diverse range of natural science research at Wesleyan, exposes PhD students to many fields of biology so that they also acquire a broad knowledge base in addition to the specialist expertise they develop through their own research projects. 

By completing a PhD in Biology, students will develop the skills needed to become independent research biologists qualified to design, execute and interpret impactful scientific research. They will also learn to communicate their scientific findings effectively in presentations and articles. Since they act as teaching assistants for several undergraduate courses, our PhD students also develop invaluable teaching and mentorship skills. Alumni of our PhD program go on to pursue successful careers in biomedical research, teaching, technology and communication. 

Click here for more information on our PhD program and here for information on how to apply. Applicants are encouraged to visit the websites of individual faculty to explore the research programs and opportunities in our department.