Designed by architect Kevin Roche, Wesleyan’s 400-seat Crowell Concert Hall is a versatile and acoustically superb performance venue. The hall’s interior construction consists of Indiana limestone with wood veneer RPG diffusor paneling.  Since its construction in 1973, it has hosted some of the world’s most celebrated artists in performances ranging from choral and orchestral music to world music and dance to rock and jazz ensembles.


Interior construction consists of Indiana limestone and poured concrete.  Seating is raked in 18 rows, with 23 seats in each row.


Normal seating capacity is 414 Seats. Seating is numbered. No standing room allowed.


Choir setup: 153 people on stage. 
Folding chair setup: 109 people on stage. 
Event specific setup: to be determined based on specific event and instruments/props required. 


Stage area is 47'&6" X 23'&2". The stage height is 23&3/4" with three steps of 7&3/4" each in height. Surface of the performing area is finished hardwood. Liquids, abrasives and heavy objects are not permitted on the performing surface. Protection must be provided for any other equipment which may potentially scratch the floor. The floor must be left in a clean condition. No soft goods and no rigging points. There is limited wing space (7 x 14.5’). The back wall of the stage consists of a concrete and wood veneer wall rising 10’8” to a choir loft. The choir loft is accessed by a door back stage right and left and made visible by a motorized panel controlled wing right.


Skylights above and large windows to the side of the performing area prohibit acceptable stage lighting during the daylight hours. Because of difficulty in reaching lighting positions and the nature of most performances in the hall, only general area lighting has been set up and this cannot be re-aimed, refocused or gelled yet can be dimmed up and down independently from the standard house lights. There are three preset lighting scenes available.


No permanent accommodations exist for projection or video playback. Upon request, a slide projector and portable screen can be set up, or a videocassette/DVD player and 25" color television can be transported into the hall although during the daylight hours projection is not acceptable and video viewing is difficult.


House Sound System: Stereo Active 3 way

1) FOH Console – Allen & Heath AVANTIS, 64 Input Console. (32 input 24 inputs from stage to
Console). The Console is located in the center at the rear of venue.
Guest sound system Mix location is in the House Right Alcove.
2) Speakers: 3- L’Acoustics Arcs ll’s per side for Left & Right Mains. 1- L’Acoustics SB18i Sub per side
FOH Processing Rack:
a. 1 Numark Duel CD/USB CD player
3) Amplifiers for Mains: 1 – QSC250i processor with La-4 Amplifiers.
4) Monitors: 4- L’Acoustic LX12 Passive Coax wedges on 4 mixes. (Side stage mix can be rented)
5) Microphones: May be available upon request
a. 6 - Shure SM-57 Microphones.
b. 6 - Shure SM-58 Microphones.
c. 2 – Heil PR 30 Microphones
d. 2 – Heil PR 40 Microphones
e. 2 – Proco DB-1 Direct Box
f. 16 – Assorted Tall and short boom stands.
g. 20 – 30’ microphone cables.
h. 6 – SHURE ULXD4D Wireless Handheld Wireless Mics.


The concrete areas of the stage are acoustically treated with fixed wood veneer panels. Wood veneer  panels are also suspended above the stage area.


AC Power:  one 15-amp circuit on stage
1 – 50amp single-phase distribution panel terminating in Edison female may be ordered for upstage left.
1 – 100amp 3-phase panel can be rented locally upon request.


There is a Green room with dressing room facilities.


There is a large rehearsal room, 003, adjoining the hall which may be reserved for use.


Driveway to loading dock is 11’ Wide, with a medium down angle.
Loading Dock: 3’ tall. No dock plate available.
Dock Door: Automatic overhead door - 13’ wide by 9’ tall.
Hallway: Minimum Width 55”. Max width 88”. Door width 68”
Stage door: Double door 76” w x 83 tall. Stage door 4’ wide x 126” tall

Load in A: Washington Terrace, Parking lot T. From Zilkha Gallery loading dock. From Dock right down
hallway, past elevator, up Incline to end. Right, left, then right up incline to 2nd to last
door on left before end. Left, through double door into upstage left entrance to stage door.

Load in B: From Parking lot “E” Down Stairway through double doors to off stage left or down sidewalk,
up ramp to Main entrance with small elevator down to stage level.



There are two concert grand pianos that may be used upon request.


Crew: House Sound system operator required. Student Crew may be available upon request.


Exits located on stage, mid house and front of house. Defibrillator in mezzanine lobby by restrooms.


Wheelchair access is available by ramp at front entrance. Seating available in back and front rows. Elevator is inside and to left (south) of lobby box office.
Assisted listening devices are available on request.


Crowell Concert Hall

Crowell Concert Hall

Crowell Concert Hall

Crowell Concert Hall

The highlights of the fall 2024 season at the Center for the Arts will be announced in August. 

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