Ten Teen Tones Times Three, almost

Ten Teen Tones Times Three, almost

Friday, May 8, 2015 at 8:00pm
CFA Hall


An evening of music and sound installations, some with video, featuring:

Toneburst Laptop and Electronic Arts Ensemble
Greg Hall, Zora Li, David Elkin-Ginnetti '18, Will Freudenheim '18, Min Cheol Lee '15, Alex Rowland '16, Jakob Shaw '18, and Wei Wang '15; and graduate students Hallie Blejewski and Cleek Schrey.

Composing, Performing, and Listening to Experimental Music
Greg Hall, Emma Broder '17, Nick Daley '17, Vivian Deng '15, Ben Draghi '18, Will Freudenheim '18, Laura Hess '16, Will King '17, Adam Osborne '18, Kate Pappas '18, Eric Poretsky '18, Eriq Robinson '15, Nicole Roman-Johnston '16, Rachen Rosenman '17, Jakob Shaw '18, Matt Weinstein '15, Anna Yin '17, and Justin Zhang '17

Organized by Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Jonathan Zorn and University Professor of Music Ron Kuivila, together with graduate students Dina Maccabee, Daniel Fishkin, and Peter Blasser.