Concert: Over, Under, Around, and Through the Music of David Tudor

Friday, March 25, 2016 at 8:15pm
World Music Hall


Williams Mix by John Cage - realization by Tom Erbe, author of the legendary Sound Hack
One (for David Tudor) by Mats Lindstrom, artistic director of EMS Stockholm (explicitly modeled after Fluorescent Sound, a piece created by David Tudor to accompany a performance by Robert Rauschenberg in Stockholm)
Pepsi Bird by David Tudor – realization by University Professor of Music Ronald Kuivila
Object Lessons by Matt Rogalsky - a piece that digitally enacts the sound processes of Tudor’s landmark Rainforest series
Star Networks at the Singing Point by Ralph Jones - a live electronic piece for raw electronic components and multiple performers that was premiered by Composers Inside Electronics, a collective of composer/performers conceived by David Tudor