Senior Recital: Matt Chilton

Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 5:30pm
Foss Hill


A senior music recital by Matt Chilton, FIELDWORK is an exploration of site, sound, and collective experiences through the acoustic environments of Wesleyan’s Center for the Arts. Drawing from the insights of experimental music and anthropology, FIELDWORK aims to challenge the preconceived relations and hierarchies of composer, performer, audience, and space through a decentralized, mobile ritual performance. Moving through spaces from Foss Hill to the CFA tunnel system, explore how environments shape the musical experience through resonance and reflection. Become aware of yourself as you are surrounded by sound, experiencing the music differently based on where you position yourself in the space. There is no single sound, no fixed and authoritative perspective. We are a musical multitude, realizing ourselves through each other. You will be welcomed with open arms and open ears.