Annual Organ Romp

Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 10:00pm
Memorial Chapel


Organists Nikku Chatha '16, Justin Green '16, Matthew Klug '19,  Jack Lashner '16, Luke Macdonald '17, Chloe Nash '16, and Jack Reuter '16, and musician friends Deren Ertas '16, Susannah Greenblatt '16, Ryan Heffernan '16,  Dara Mysliwiec '16, and Nicole Roman-Johnston '16 perform works from Johann Sebastian Bach to Philip Glass and lots in between.

Other performers include dancers Rachel Day '16, Julia DeVarti '17,  Lili Kadets '17, and Sonya Levine '17 in Patternal Automaton N by Matthew Stein '16 for organ and dance, and other new works by Angus Macdonald '16 and Luke Macdonald '17. Clown noses and costumes encouraged!