Jürg Frey

Jürg Frey and Ordinary Affects

Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 8:00pm
Memorial Chapel, 221 High Street, Middletown [VENUE CHANGE]


Swiss composer and clarinetist Jürg Frey will be joined in concert by Ordinary Affects, a collective of composer-performers from across New England, including Wesleyan graduate music student J.P. Falzone, Laura Cetilia, Luke Martin, and Morgan Evans-Weiler. A member of the international Wandelweiser Group of composer-performers, Mr. Frey’s music is marked by its subtly balanced sonic texture realized through a precise yet non-extravagant compositional approach. A highlight of the program will be the performance of a new piece by the composer, _Fields, Traces, Clouds_, commissioned by Ordinary Affects.