2018 Spring Playwriting Festival: An Evening of Staged Readings

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 7:00pm
Ring Family Performing Arts Hall


The Theater Department presents an evening of staged readings of plays by seniors David Caruso and Elli Scharlin.

Bill & Stephanie by David Caruso was written and submitted in partial consideration for Honors in Theater.

What place does marriage occupy in our (millennial) imagination? Is it an expectation or a need? An uninviting institution, or a signifier of adulthood? What happens to those who find people, and what happens to those who don’t? In Bill & Stephanie, a group of friends post-game their friends’ wedding reception, discussing matrimony, love, aloneness, monogamy, and the banal terror of adulthood until sunrise.


Lost & Found by Elli Scharlin is a musical conceived in THEA 279 Musical Theater Workshop and submitted as her senior capstone in Theater.

Lost and Found is a musical about a girl who loses her virginity and sets on a quest to find it We travel with our protagonist, Spencer Maude, through the mystical woods of Askaround. Along the way, we meet characters like Andy Roger, the loveable life-sized bunny, The Captain of the Seamen and the Naughty Nautical Boys, and even Buster Hymen the Gatekeeper. A coming of age story that asks the questions: what is virginity? Can it be restored? Who cares?