Memorial Chapel

Graduate Recital: Ian Davis (New date, location, and time)

Friday, November 30, 2018 at 7:00pm
Memorial Chapel


Graduate composer Ian Davis performs a selection of canons by the composer Moondog and original work.

Listen to an interview with Ian Davis about this event on the Center for the Arts Radio Hour, including recordings of Mr. Davis' String Quartet No. IV performed by the West End String Quartet; "Harbinger" for bassoons, soprano saxophones, trumpets, and female voices; "Cello and Guitar" featuring cellist Alexandra Jones; Brass Quartet performed by the Westerlies; "algorithm123" for string trio; "Nero's Expedition," "Down is Up," "All is Loneliness," and "Voices of Spring" by Moondog; and the Relatives performing "Faber" and "The Ambiguities."