lucky dragons

lucky dragons: Other Transformations Performance

Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 1:00pm
Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery


A performance by Los Angeles-based experimental music group lucky dragons and Wesleyan community members on the final day of the Audible Bacillus exhibition.

Other Transformations is an experiment. It asks: What is fundamentally necessary for an image to be read as music? How do images translate between musical idea, performance, and the experience of listening? By sourcing from a vast archive of graphic musical representations, can we discover common patterns to use as access points and guidelines for performance? By reducing symbolic musical language to its basic forms, interpolating between different representations, and generating hybrids, mimics, and transitional shapes, what new models can we build for thinking musically with images?

In conceiving and performing Other Transformations, lucky dragons is joined by Jordan Dykstra, Michael Pestel, Matt Wellins, graduate student Leslie Allison, Gabe Hurlock '20, Rix Chan '21, and May Klug '19; and the students of Music 220: Composing, Performing and Listening to Experimental Music—Matthew Blackman '21, Maya Brachfield '20, Lucas Cereijido '20, Samia Dudley '20, graduate student Max Gibson, Tyler Jenkins '22, Myles Johnson '22, Teddy Keegan '22, Finn Li '22, Morgan Maben '22, Benji Russman '21, Nicky Schieda '21, Charles Vogel '21, and Cindy Ye '21.

lucky dragons is an ongoing collaboration between Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck. The group researches forms of participation and dissent, purposefully working towards a better understanding of existing ecologies through performances, publications, recordings, and public art, including sounds created in collaboration with the audience. The name “lucky dragons” is borrowed from a fishing vessel that was caught in the fallout from H-bomb tests in the mid-1950s, an incident which sparked international outcry and gave birth to the worldwide anti-nuclear movement.

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