Colloquium: Re-sounding Islam—Marking Religious and Aesthetic Pluralism in the Historiography of South Indian Music

Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 4:30pm
Ring Family Performing Arts Hall


Davesh Soneji is Associate Professor and Graduate Chair of the University of Pennsylvania’s South Asia Studies Department. At Wesleyan, he will examine the long and complex history of Islamic musical production in Tamil-speaking South India in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, raising significant questions about the social organization of rāga-based music, and its relationship to questions of religious and aesthetic pluralism in the cultural life of modern Tamilnadu.

Known for his work on devadāsī social history, he is the author of “Unfinished Gestures: Devadāsās, Memory and Modernity in South India” (Chicago, 2011), and is working on “Sundry Rāgas: Genealogies of Musical Pluralism in Modern South India.” He traces the presence and function of rāga-based music in social and aesthetic spaces considered marginal in mainstream histories of today’s Karṇāṭak music.

At Wesleyan, he will focus on two genres—the kīrttaṉai and the Arabic-inflected muṉājāttu—in relation to highly localized Ṣufi devotional practices, as well as formal, canonical traditions of Tamil Islamic literary production.

This event is part of the 43rd annual Navaratri Festival at Wesleyan.

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