Olin Library

Hidden Volumes, Second Edition

Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 12:00pm
Olin Library, 252 Church Street, Middletown


Hidden Volumes // Living Tones
A two-part celebration of the Music Library’s recent acquisition of Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music Jin Hi Kim’s scores for Living Tones at 6pm will also explore the sonic recesses and performative possibilities within the stacks of Olin Library during Hidden Volumes.

A durational performance of Hidden Volumes—a collaborative framework for improvisation within the library initiated by Associate Professor and Chair of the Music Department Paula Matthusen and visiting scholar Terri Hron in 2017—is expanded in this second edition to include music faculty, graduate students, alumni, and other improvisors. Performances will be dispersed throughout the stacks on the third floor over the course of six hours (from Noon to 6pm). Unusual sonic resonances of the library are explored, as well as the possibility for unexpected musical interaction. All are welcome to come and go throughout the day.

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