Incarcerated Stories

Artwork by Ojore Lutalo

Incarcerated Stories: Remembering Attica

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 7:00pm
Zoom Webinar


Wesleyan students in the course THEA114-01 “Incarcerated Stories: Documenting In/Justice” taught by Chair and Professor of Theater Ronald S. Jenkins will collaborate with formerly incarcerated individuals and their families to create performances of theater and music based on interviews, trial transcripts, prison memoirs, and other texts related to mass incarceration and the Attica Prison uprising. The guest MC will be rap artist and activist BL Shirelle. Other featured musicians will be Simply Naomi and Maserati E. The performance will be followed by a dialogue with Attica survivors Tyrone Larkins and Carlos Roche.

Click Zoom Webinar link to view performance.

This performance was supported in part by the Creative Campus Initiative of the Center for the Arts.